A letter from mother nature’s son to mother nature’s daughter

Born a poor young country boy, Mother Nature’s son All day long I’m sitting singing songs for everyone Sister, I’ve been sitting for some time now, long enough that the days slip into months and on into years. My lips are cracked from singing and frankly I’m unsure who, if anyone, has heard it. My […]


Dada and the pumpkin

My son is two years old, and some change. Some parents would call him 28 months. Other parents would say he’s “still in diapers”. I call him wise. He’s also getting the knack for celebrating holidays. While we were making our second jack o’lantern (the first was eaten by pesky squirrels only minutes after it […]

The object in an empty box

“Love and death are the two great gifts given to us. Mostly they are passed on unopened.” – Rainer Maria Rilke This quote was spoken softly into my ears in the almost too-intimate way that earbuds can achieve when set at just the right volume at just the right moment. The quote was recited by […]

Good as in not ungood

Just when I was coming to terms with the realization that we might have finally arrived at a true dystopia of doublethink logic, along comes an Op Ed in the New York Times that denies the existence of objective reality and all the while takes into account the reality denied.