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Essayist on the experience of urban farming as it relates to learning, well being, and the spectacle of everyday life. Contributor to Modern Farmer, Good.is and The Center for Humans & Nature. Teacher of Agroecology at a Montessori school in Chicago. Host of Farm On: The Podcast.

In one sense, dharma is “the underlying, substratum of reality – of our lives and of our world. It is the ultimate and primordial fact of who and what we are.” In a second sense, dharma is phenomena, it “is what is so in our lives, whether we like it or not, whether we wish for it or not, whether we expect it or not.” (via Lion’s Roar)


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  1. Lovely interview with the bee muralist. Excellent conversation about our tendency to think in trems of fear and limitations instead of possibilities.
    Well done you!


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