Zen and The Art of No Security

A dear friend and mentor gave me a book called Zen Shorts by Jon J Muth. Here’s one of the stories. My Uncle Ry lived alone in a small house up in the hills. He didn’t own many things. He lived a simple life. One evening, he discovered he had a visitor. A robber had […]


Love Your Enemies, Friends and Fowl

One morning during our school’s holiday break, I awoke before dawn to the sound of my alarm. It was a dark Sunday morning, when most people are clinging to their pillows as long as possible – which is exactly what I would be doing if it weren’t for the fact that my number one chicken […]

A Commute Via The Himalayas

We Chicagoans love to complain about the Winter. Each year we are incensed, outraged even, that we are subjected to such injustice. “It took me an hour to get to work”, we say. We threaten relocations to such exotic locals as Portland, but we never go. We can continue to complain year after year, or […]