To little boys who wish to cut off the tails of elephants

To little boys who wish to cut off the tails of elephants: Hang that sharp blade at your side glinting and let your boots warm to the heat of the body once holding a beating heart Some little boys tried and never finished to replace the thing they had taken by knotting the tendons: Bow […]


The object in an empty box

“Love and death are the two great gifts given to us. Mostly they are passed on unopened.” – Rainer Maria Rilke This quote was spoken softly into my ears in the almost too-intimate way that earbuds can achieve when set at just the right volume at just the right moment. The quote was recited by […]

The true nature of plastic grass

For many people, nature means the birds, the bees, and the flowers. It means everything that is not artificial. We have in our minds that nature is outside us. – Alan Watts The farm that I manage is small – only about 1/4 of an acre in country terms, or exactly 3 city lots in […]